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About Csurpa

      Foshan Digital Chuangbo Electronics Co., LTD, public broadcasting conference system has long been engaged in professional audio products, such as headquarters is located in Scotland.
      Company is mainly engaged in brand: CSURPA - public broadcasting audio conference system, professional audio equipment (main application places: universities, primary and secondary schools, hotels, residential, shopping malls supermarkets, parks, factories, outdoor plaza, gym, office, station, airport, government agencies, convention and exhibition center, tourist attractions, commercial pedestrian street, entertainment place, other place.

Main products: public radio, fire radio, campus radio, conference system whole series:
1. Broadcasting audio source: CD player, cassette player (booth), tuner (radio), a digital recording device, other curing sound source;
2. Radio control equipment: preamplifier, input matrix, partition paging...

               Professional audio           
Tel: 86-0757-88719835     Fax: 86-0757-88719835     Addr.: Michong industrial zone, Huangqi, Nanhai district, Foshan
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